Wednesday, February 7, 2007

End Hormone-ridden Meat!

Most people know that hormones are given to the cattle that we eventually eat. But what most people don’t realize is the effect those hormones have harmful effects our bodies as a result of ingesting the meat and milk from those animals.

We need to stop putting sex hormones in the meat that we eat!

Why do farmers feed the animals hormones in the first place?
To make the cows grow larger and thus feed more people.
Farmers get paid according to the weight of the animals they sell.
The hormone rBGH increases milk production in cows.

By the way, the hormones injected into these animals are injected directly into the muscles, leaving billions of molecules of hormones in the meat we eat.

The European Union’s Scientific Committee on Veterinary Measures Relating to Public Health states that of the six hormones used in beef production, three are naturally found in humans and three are synthetic. The EU’s main concern is that these hormones can be carcinogenic, with pregnant women, children, and unborn children being the most at risk.

Furthermore, it is suspected that the increased sex hormone levels resulting from consumption of this meat causes an imbalance in hormone levels in the body because the body already has sex hormones present. This imbalance has been blamed for the fact that in recent years, young girls and boys are reaching puberty earlier, with many girls beginning menstruation as young as seven or eight years old. In the time before meat was treated with growth hormones, the average girl began menstruation just before or during her teenage years.

Many scientists criticize the FDA for approving rBGH after only 90 days of testing in on 30 rats in an unpublished study. The European Economic Community is so concerned with the link between cancer and increased hormone levels that seven years ago it banned the importation of all U.S-produced meat into Europe!

The evidence was enough to compel the Europeans to stop the hormones, so why do Americans put up with the hormone residues in their beef, milk, and eggs?

We need to stand up and at the very least demand to know what hormones we’re being fed. If we wait too long, cancer could become our number one killer!

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